Matt’s duo set-up is as flexible as it is entertaining. Using his solo show as a platform, the duo is available in a variety of formats:

Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals.

Lead Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals.

Second Acoustic, Backing Vocals.

Female/Male Backing Vocals.

Percussion and Cajon, Backing Vocals.

Fiddle, Backing Vocals.

With access to some of Sydney’s best musical talent, Matt’s Duo formats extend his brilliant solo performances, adding depth, detail and contrast to an already strong and entertaining experience.



Matt’s Trio format is also interchangeable. A variety of instrumentation has resulted in one of the most versatile trio’s going around. The Matt Jones Trio is available in the following formats:

Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion (Cajon/Rock Box).

Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Kit.

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar. 

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Fiddle.

Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Fiddle. 

(Please note: All formats with Backing Vocals).

The Matt Jones Trio can be hard-hitting or low-key. Whether it’s grooving, loose and colourful or a ball of fun with a full, round sound, the trio is an experience to behold.


This is the epitome of The Matt Jones musical experience. When you want to make a real statement, this band set-up is guaranteed to wow audiences with its depth and scope. Matt’s Band formats can be arranged as:

Matt Jones Front Person/ Rhythm and Lead Guitar.

Nic Derricott: Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals.

Justin Bianchi: Bass Guitar/ Backing Vocals.

Andrew Hendra: Drums/ Percussion/ Backing Vocals.


Matt's hallmark is high-end production. You can rest assured that each and every night will look and sound like a truly professional and enjoyable event. 

With solutions tailored to any budget, Matt can cater from solo ukelele performances through five-piece rock band: with a rocking light show to match!

As a seasoned live performer, Matt knows what’s required on stage, and what the venue needs out front (especially volume-sensitive venues). Matt will have the answers for you; from a relaxed night through to full band competitions, with the solution specific to your venue. 



If it's one night, one month or an ongoing series with competitions, prizes or just the fun of performing, Matt will cater to your needs. 

Matt has had hugely successful promotions with Month-long competitions, 8 week residencies and a blitzkrieg
two-night promotions. Whatever you want, Matt can deliver.

With easy maintenance, inexpensive solutions that build high patron participation and attendance, it’s easy to see why venues all over Sydney are already lining up for new season bookings months ahead. 




From a boutique garden ceremony to all out party-vibe receptions, Matt can help you achieve the perfect soundtrack for your wedding. 


Song requests, format flexibility, personalised song arrangements and the highest standard of audio and lighting production means that the soundtrack to your day is just as you imagine it. 

Select from a number of formats for your ceremony, pre-reception drinks & canapes and, of course,
for your reception. 

See reviews below and get in touch today to start a conversation about the live entertainment at your wedding!

 "I've never seen a dance floor so full at a wedding"


"Matt was responsible for the atmosphere at our reception and truly made it a night to remember for all who attended. His choice of songs throughout the evening was flawless. He knew exactly how to keep everyone on the dance floor and how to keep the party going."



Matt will always have the best solution for every event. 

Matt is in the A-list of live entertainment options. He prides himself on flexibility, quality production and his ability to entertain any audience. 

Whether it’s on a roof-top 20 stories up or on an ice skating rink, Matt creates a great solution that will leave the best impression with all of your guests.

With clients such as The Star, Air New Zealand, Canon Photography and ANZ Stadium Matt is in stellar company. 

Get in touch now to see what solution Matt will have for your next event!


OPEN MIC NIGHT: the perfect venue solution to attracting patrons and activity outside weekend trade. 

Matt is now available to present and manage OPEN MIC nights in your venue. With Matt at the helm, your Open Mic night becomes a professionally run showcase event where talented patrons, and potential stars can perform in a friendly, supportive environment, with a professional host that provides state of the art PA and lighting with the added technical nous to ensure their performance is delivered to their best of their ability; in an atmosphere that will give them the confidence to get on stage. 


Matt's Professional Open Mic solutions have been highly successful for a range of venues, from The Ranch to the Hillside Hotel. The open Mic night invites regular and new patrons to share their talents and contribute their own energy to your venue's entertainment program. This creates a personal element, interest and character that other midweek solutions like poker or trivia simply don't provide.

Matt will MC, perform and interact off stage with all the character, skill and talent that’s made him such a presence on the Sydney live scene. Charismatic, approachable and entertaining, Matt makes your patrons welcome to the venue and the stage. 



Get in touch, request a song list or discuss some ideas for your next event! 

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Matt Jones is a genuine and uplifting force on the Sydney live music circuit. Armed with a rich repertoire for any venue and charismatic onstage presence, he is the most enthralling young act in Sydney today. This youthful juggernaut of live entertainment and engagement is in such high demand that he performs over 200 shows a year. Matt’s capacity to seamlessly shift between Rock ‘n’ Roll, dance, bluesy or just a relaxed afternoon/ evening set has him consistently booked in every venue, in his solo, duo, trio or full band formats.


Since he can remember, Matt has been listening to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper and a vast range of 60's and 70's acts. His love of blues is shown in the BB King, Muddy Waters essentials he covers, along with jazz classics like Miles Davis. Matt is no stranger to the latest and greatest, with John Mayer and Dave Grohl tunes featuring in his set lists. 

With a set list that includes hits from Beatles and Elvis to the Foo Fighters, Robin Thicke and Pharell Williams,
Matt covers a considerable gamut of tastes for all events, client briefs and occasions. 



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