It’s a great joy and honour to stand on stage and play music for people, and see the energy and connection song makes between us humans. We all have songs that are special to us, and become the ‘soundtrack to our lives; I want to take all the satisfaction and positivity music has given me and share a another part of my musical experience through my original pieces.


I’m so lucky to be influenced and supported by incredible artists, so have a listen to some of my tracks, let me know your thoughts, and get ready for my first EP!



Just back from a great trip to Nashville, meeting with some extraordinary musicians, and so proud of all the great Australian talent leading the charge. Nothing is quite as inspirational as seeing the collaborative approach musicians take towards expressing themselves through song. I’m looking forward to building more relationships and getting in the studio to write and perform with these extremely talented people.



It’s been a labour of love, but I’m in the final stages of completing my first EP, ready to unleash on the world.
It’s a big step forward, and just the start of my journey as a songwriter. Big thanks to everyone who has supported me and made me feel I can do this!

G R E A T  S O U T H E R N  L A N D

MATT JONES AND THE 89'ers bring you an Australia Day celebration like no other. A two hour exploration of Australia Greatest songwriters and Rock Anthems. - Australia Day Eve, Jan 25th 8pm Evan Theatre. 



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When you have music running through your veins, it can carry you to places that no plane or train ever can.
I’ve been so lucky to be able to play to countless people across Australia, and the excitement and buzz of seeing them getting into the music is an incredible motivator. My songwriting career started when I was a nipper, and I know that my style will continue to evolve and expand as my life goes on. When I think about the great opportunity I’ve had in life, to be able to play music I love, and make the lives of people a bit better because of this, I’m just
one lucky bugger.